Traveler and design director, Marsha Sabourin coined the name Siganka, which means wanderer.


The carefree assuredness of Siganka clothing inspires us to go wherever the sea breeze blows.  But, as J.R.R. Tolkien reminds us,  "Not all who wander are lost"...indeed, some are just plain inspired.

Marsha's keen eye for choosing colors and textiles was developed years ago through her work as an interior designer and women's clothing buyer.  In 2002, Siganka was officially born.  By 2009 Siganka was made available through specialty boutiques across the country.  

Marsha and her cottage industry team delight in designing clothing that withstands the test of time, and helps women to see a reflection of their undeniable beauty.  The Siganka Collection has an elegant simplicity that’s colorful, wearable, timeless, ageless, fun, 100% cotton and nourishing to the soul.

Welcome to Siganka
Willow Dress White Relaxing
Mayven Tunic White over Rebeka Pant
Stella Slip Navy
Butterfly Dress Indigo Rayon
Willow Dress Flax
Chloe Tunic Dolphin Grey
Ursula Dress Lace Detail
Kiss Top White with Grey and Blues
Callie Blouse Flax Lace Detail

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