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Siganka womens wholesale clothing

Traveler and design director, Marsha Sabourin coined the name Siganka, which means wanderer.


The carefree assuredness of Siganka clothing inspires us to go wherever the sea breeze blows.  But, as J.R.R. Tolkien reminds us,  "Not all who wander are lost"...indeed, some are just inspired.


Taking that inspiration, her years of experience as a interior designer and women's clothing buyer, Marsha launched Siganka in 2002. Her exquisite eye for design, color, quality and comfort laid the foundation for what has become a leading brand in specialty boutiques though-out the country.

Marsha and her cottage industry team delight in designing clothing that helps women 18 to ageless feel beautiful and empowered in their femininity.  The Siganka Collection has an elegant simplicity that covers you from the beach to the street, in timeless, colorful, uniquely detailed, 100% cotton, soul nurturing ease.

Welcome to Siganka
Marsha in Jennie Blouse navy over Tatia Pant.jpg
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